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What’s your word for 2023?

What word or theme best describes how you’re approaching 2023?

Mine is confidence.

Confidence as a CEO.
Confidence in my leadership abilities.
Confidence in my team.
Confidence in what we do and who we are at The Upside.

But it was quite the journey getting to this place of confidence and conviction.

For years, I was so focused on building, testing, trying and perfecting that I sometimes lost perspective on just how far I’ve come from when this community first launched in 2019.

At the end of our first year, we had just 50 members.

Hardly anyone had heard of the community membership business model and there were very few of us pursuing it as full-time businesses. My community peers and I were figuring it out as we went and building the planes as we were flying them.

Without a clear roadmap, I constantly wondered, “Am I doing this the right way?”

Fast forward 4 years later and The Upside is now a robust community of more than 250 top independent consultants and business advisors who love and value the resources and connections they find inside our private, curated community. We also have our on-demand Accelerator that has catapulted hundreds of businesses and made a positive impact on so many people.

With Q1 2023 bringing The Upside its biggest waitlist to date (and lowest churn rate in our company’s history), I’m finally ready to say…

“I’ve got this.”

Consider this a sign for you to think about your one word for 2023 and post about it on LinkedIn (or whatever social platform you use for your business!). Invite people to share their own word for 2023 and encourage a dialog in the chat.

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