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The Upside’s Contracts Bundle gives you time-tested proposals, SOWs, and contracts that have been proven to get more deals closed in less time.

We’ve included all the terms and legal language you need to set firm boundaries and protect yourself (and your business) with none of the legal fluff that slows down the approval process. 

What's Included

This proposal is best for straightforward hourly and retainer clients. The proposal is purposefully simple to save you time and energy, and can be easily converted into a contract once the client has reviewed and approved.

Once any back and forth on the proposal is complete, then drop the proposal into our proposal-into-contract template and send to the client for final sign-off.

This agreement is best for larger clients and more complicated deals. The contract refers to the “less legalese” SOW when discussing services, which allows for the contract to remain as uncomplicated as possible. The less complicated the contract, the fewer lawyers needed and the quicker your contract can get signed.

In some circumstances, you’ll want to weave in additional language for clarification and extra legal protection. Copy and paste these clauses into your contracts as needed.

For these short engagements, the “book and pay” process should be automated and terms should be simple. The Upside’s Contracts Bundle shows you how to do this.

For independent headhunters and recruiters, or anyone providing recruiting services to their clients, our agreement template is purposefully short and direct, outlining only the most important details of the arrangement.

For situations where you are hiring a freelancer or other contractor to work under you, use this template as a starting point to communicate the terms of the arrangement, protect your client relationship and safeguard your IP.

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Alicia Skehan

"The contract package is incredibly helpful and makes my life so much easier. I used to dread writing proposals and contracts, even when I felt like I had a 'template'. This information is so much clearer than other tools that friends have shared with me for free."

Nate Shalev

"The contract templates have been really helpful. I was able to confidently sign with my first client as a result!"

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you look at the bundle and it's not valuable or applicable to you, let us know and we'll give your money back.

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