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These 8 Clubhouse Hacks Will Grow Your Client Pipeline

Featuring advice from Upside members Kelly Lynn Adams, Alicia Skehan, Lindsey Corbin, Therese Gedda, Carol Pak-Teng, MD, and Kadisha Phillips.

If you’ve been exploring Clubhouse already, then you know that it feels like a live podcast experience. It’s also the latest place where Upside members are landing major clients and growing huge social followings after only a short time engaging on the platform.

We recently asked Upside members to share their expertise on generating huge results through Clubhouse. You can check out the replay of our live discussion here. In the meantime, read on for the 8 Clubhouse hacks that our members implemented to generate some huge client and publicity opportunities. 

1. Maximize Your First Three Lines

The first three lines of your Clubhouse bio is the quick view people see before they click into your profile. What you write in these first three lines can be the difference between someone clicking through to learn more about you and connect…or not.

Here’s a smart hack: use the same “headline” text you use on LinkedIn as the first three lines of your Clubhouse bio to tell people what you do, for whom, and/or your special sauce.

2. Take Advantage Of Being New

When you first join Clubhouse, you’ll be invited to a welcome party where a Clubhouse “veteran” will walk you through the platform and the features. Make sure to attend this event because it will help you level-up on all things Clubhouse quickly and easily.

You’ll also notice a “party hat” icon on your photo. This indicates that you’re a Clubhouse newbie. Take advantage of your party hat! You have this symbol for a short period of time so that people understand you’re a new user and that you’re still learning the app. Users will love that you’re new. So go in different rooms, listen and then ask to join the stage to contribute to the conversation. If you feel uncomfortable or nervous, that’s ok because everyone will know you’re new! 

3. Be Of Service And Be There To Give

Go into each room with the goal of providing value. This will help you stay focused on the topic at hand instead of rambling unnecessarily or, worse, hogging the mic or coming off as self-promotional.

Remember that as you’re on stage, members of the audience will be clicking your face to see who you are through your first three lines. So no need to ramble on about yourself when you have the mic.

And if you’ve hooked them with those first three lines, they’ll click further to follow you on Clubhouse, learn more about you and/or connect through Instagram or Twitter, both of which are linked from your Clubhouse bio.

4. Perfect Your Intro

You never know who is listening, so perfecting your intro and explaining the value of your work in a clear and concise way will allow for more focused opportunities to come your way.

Your intro should be less than 10 words and cover who you are, what you do, who you work with and/or why you matter. Resist the urge to go on and on about yourself. For example, when I introduce myself I simply say, “I’m CEO of The Upside, a community and accelerator for consultants.” Then I move on to asking a question or providing value.

5. Add Clubhouse To Your Lead Magnet Funnel

Because Clubhouse is linked to your Instagram and/or Twitter, you can drive traffic directly from your Clubhouse bio to these other social feeds. If you have a current lead magnet, like a free download that you offer, make sure to mention it in your Clubhouse bio and tell people where they can find the download.

For example, “Download my free Pricing Playbook guide –> link to download in my Instagram bio.”

To see the full strategy play out, view my Clubhouse bio @erinhalper.

6. Use Your Bio Like You Would A Website Homepage

What is your main message or objective? What do you want to be known for? What’s your call to action?

In your Clubhouse bio, describe what you do, your intentions and your goals. Make your profile work for you. In fact, it’s common and welcomed to have a long bio to cover who you are, what you do and why you matter!

Decide what is your “one thing” or what you want to be known for. Also, what keywords do you want to use to make sure you show up in certain searches? Your messaging should be cohesive across all of your platforms.

Provide a way for users to get in contact with you outside of Clubhouse, whether that be through connecting your Instagram or Twitter, or providing your direct email in your bio. Just remember that only Instagram and Twitter are linkable through your Clubhouse bio.

7. Use Emojis And Keywords In Your Bio To Enhance Search Results

People will utilize the search function which not only recognizes words and phrases, but also emojis. If you want to be known for content creation, then make sure to weave those words into your profile. Want to be known as an expert in the food and beverage space? Then use F&B, food and beverage and all variations throughout your bio to ensure you show up in searches.

8. Hang Out In Rooms With Likeminded People

Hanging out in rooms with likeminded people will help funnel the right followers to your Instagram and Twitter accounts, and the right leads to your client pipeline.

Plus, your Clubhouse experience is crafted by who you follow and the rooms that you’re in. Take advantage of Clubhouse’s search feature where you can find rooms and people by interest.

For rooms that you want to attend, add them to your calendar by tapping the calendar icon in the event. If you want to be notified when someone you follow joins or starts a room, select the bell on that person’s profile.

To avoid Clubhouse overwhelm, you’ll want to have rooms of value populate in your hallway feed. If there is a room that doesn’t appeal to you, you can hide it by swiping right on the room.

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