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“I’m really glad I took the step to invest in membership with The Upside. I learn something new from every session or call I join. It’s encouraging to be part of a community of women who are highly-skilled consultants and experts in their field, and I’m constantly encouraged to keep “upping my game”. In the short space of time I’ve been a member, I’ve gained some very tangible pieces of advice from Erin and other members that I’ve put into practice and got instant results. It’s no exaggeration to say that being a part of The Upside has made an immediate impact on my business!

Alison Coward
Workshop leader and founder of Bracket

Mia Swikard


“After learning and implementing Erin’s proven strategies, I was able to land a 5-figure/month client right out of the gate. I was earning the same amount I did in my previous corporate job, but working half the hours and being in control of my own schedule! If you’re looking to make the jump from corporate to consulting, there is no better teacher, guide and cheerleader than Erin Halper from The Upside. I feel a weight of a lifetime lifted from my shoulders and I have never been more inspired and motivated as a businesswoman, mother and wife.”

Mia Swikard
Revenue Growth Strategist, Beauty & Retail


The Upside is truly a gift. I have learned invaluable and tactical skills and best practices from the depth of the experience within the network, I’ve gained over 100 priceless close contacts to add to my circle of trusted professionals and advisors, and I’ve acquired several new client prospects and referrals. However, the best part is that Erin and this collective has given me the support and strength to believe in myself and take my business to the next level.

Erin Lopez

Retail & eCommerce Growth Consultant


“The moment I opened the application for The Upside, I knew this community would be different than other networking organizations I had joined in the past. Erin thoughtfully curates membership from best in class consultants across various disciplines. She is an expert connector of people and provides meaningful introductions to women whose skillsets are complimentary or may be able to help solve each other’s problems. Erin regularly shares opportunities for members to apply for speaking engagements, mentorship opportunities and engage with other professional communities. Her leadership has created an open and inclusive environment where women are able to share their wins, ask for help, and offer their expertise.”

Carrie Sporer

Sales, Merchandising and Operations Consultant for fashion and lifestyle brands


“I’m beyond grateful to be a member of The Upside, the only paid membership I hold, because of the supportive, diverse community and the accessible value I have experienced first-hand.

The Upside has given me the following:

  • Won free tickets to see Michelle Obama in NYC

  • Recommendations to an amazing U.K.-based photographer for a panel I was part of at Conservation Optimism in Oxford and Life Sci Hack in London

  • A safe space to test my business value propositions

  • Erin reached out to me personally to schedule a 1:1 to understand my business model and where I could excel

  • Monthly member meetings on retainer agreements, personal branding, client retention, scaling your business, and so much more.

Grateful to be around dynamic, women entrepreneurs for these conversations. We lift each other up in more ways than one. Thank you Erin Halper!”

Sarah Sharif

Innovation Consultant and Speaker


“I absolutely love The Upside community. I began receiving value from this community the day I joined. I love the quality of the members and the programming is effective and relevant for the goals I am looking to achieve in my life. Since joining The Upside Community, I have met some great genuine women who have helped and inspired me to have more confidence in launching my own consultancy. Joining The Upside is one of the best decisions I have made this year.

Christmas Hutchinson

Author | Speaker


“The access to like-minded and like-driven women leaders in business has been a game changer for my company’s growth. Upsiders are experts in their fields and generous with their knowledge and practical support of the other members. Erin Halper is leading a powerful force within the consulting and solopreneurship realms…and with humility, transparency, kindness, unparalleled experience in the industry, and an incredible vast network of opportunities and contacts.”

Carol Pak-Teng, M.D.

Physician, Consultant and Leader in the Emergency Medicine Field


The Upside is one of the best investments that I have made in myself and my consultancy. The Upside has opened up the door to several opportunities that have helped me acquire strong relationships with fellow consultants and elevated new business opportunities.”

Kadisha Phillips

Senior Marketing Inclusion, Social and Growth Strategist


“Erin has been an invaluable mentor and resource in my life and career — and that sentiment has only grown stronger as a member of The Upside. The community has connected me to other likeminded, driven, and intelligent consultants, of all ages from a variety of industries, who I consider my virtual board of directors of sorts. I have gained priceless business optimization advice, countless client and partnership opportunities, and have grown more sophisticated as an entrepreneur.

Kara Ladd

Founder and CEO of BOUNDLESS | Building & representing purpose-driven brands


“I was so excited to be accepted into the Upside earlier this year – my expectations have been exceeded! The quality of its members and Erin’s curation of valuable conversations and assets have been so helpful to me, especially as I scale my business. I’m grateful to have this trusted community of impressive female entrepreneurs whom I can count on and be inspired by. Join the Upside if you’re looking to launch or level up your business or if you are seeking a genuine, impressive community of women that celebrates and supports each of its members.”

Stephanie Blair

Executive Coach | Leadership Development Expert Strategic Advisor | Speaker


For anyone launching or growing a consultancy, joining The Upside should be at top of their to-do list. Even with all of the knowledge and years of experience I brought into my consultancy business, I learned so much in the first few months of joining The Upside, including reworking my website and focusing service offerings. I am especially grateful to have a network of such strong, inspirational women to help make sense of the uncertain economic climate of 2020 and to forge a path forward. Erin has been doing an incredible job of leading everyone through these tough times.”

Hillary Cullum

Retail, Merchandising, Planning Consultant


“In the short time I have been a member of The Upside, I have not only developed several elevator pitches but refined my offering and made meaningful connections with women whom I feel comfortable sharing the highs and lows that come with building a business. It’s helped me become comfortable being vulnerable and accelerated my start-up process.  Erin’s ability to hone in on your differentiators and call you out on areas that need to be addressed with lightning speed and accuracy are an invaluable asset to any business owner, but particularly helpful to someone just starting out.”

Jennifer Yousem

Owner & Managing Director at Supporting Strategies

Julie Tran


“The Upside has been an invaluable treasure of connections, resources, and advice. First, the caliber of people in the community is very unique- Erin Halper does a thorough job of vetting to ensure fit. I’ve gotten plenty of invaluable advice/feedback from the wonderful women at the Upside. Second, Erin is simply pro. She’s great at taking concepts in your head, distilling it clearly for you, and help you position yourself in a way that will generate business. To top it off, she is a wonderful human being and has your back!”

Julie Tran

Leadership and D&I Consultant and Founder-CEO at Leading AF


“Erin is really great at focusing on the big picture and rallying the community members to see that picture more clearly and optimize towards achieving that picture. Erin is also a master connector! She’s been instrumental in introducing me to other women offering complementary services and/or having already moved through the phase of business I am just getting into. The Upside has been a fantastic experience!

Nikki Lindgren

eCommerce Growth Strategist​

Shonte Parrish


“Erin Halper is an expert who has directly impacted my business growth, network, and connections with her platform, The Upside. 

The members are very diverse in their expertise,  location, experience, and goals so it provides for such powerful brainstorm sessions and networking across our individual platforms.

The Upside provides unique opportunities that allow you as a business owner to step outside of your comfort zone and be challenged, while also still providing the intimate one- on-one and small group interactions that address the small and large obstacles we face everyday. 

The Upside is truly a gem.” 

Shonté Parrish

Founder of Le Dotted Line, Government Contract Consulting


“Erin is redefining success beyond the 9-to-5 and in doing so, she has created an impressive, hand-picked community in The Upside. From day one, I have found The Upside to be a remarkable group of entrepreneurial women. I am thrilled that Erin invited me to join The Upside.”

Lori Sussle Bonanni

Communications Consultant 


“I’m a member of several business communities, but the niche and quality that The Upside provides are truly unique. Their mantra of quality over quantity permeates every aspect of their community ecosystem. The other professionals I’ve connected with through The Upside are all there for the right reasons and are all supportive of one another’s businesses. I feel confident referring my clients to fellow members and I feel confident recommending membership to anyone looking to grow an independent consultancy or boutique agency.”

Erika Velazquez Alpern

Growth Strategist for Media Brands


“The Upside has all the hallmarks of a great and supportive networking group and eco-system. I am meeting amazing women who have become partners, mentors, and potential customers. The time I put aside for the monthly community meeting is always incredibly valuable – I’ve got my notepad out jotting down all of the ideas I can implement right away. And, I appreciate getting the opportunities via Facebook and email. The group is stacked with other consultants that I trust and everyone is super supportive of each other.”

Lindsay Tabas (aka The Lady Engineer)

Outsourced Co-Founder for Startups


“The Upside’s mission of changing the way working works and supporting the success of independent contractors is apparent in every aspect of what they do. Plus, The Upside’s core value of quality over quantity keeps both membership and client connections at a level that mirrors my professional goals. I enjoy seeing this tribe grow with such quality members and connections. As an active member of several business communities, I can honestly say that The Upside has the most focused niche and membership base I’ve seen. It’s a true gem in a sea of large-scale communities.

Shani Syphrett

Brand Strategist & Marketing Consultant // Advocate for Innovative Women of Color


“The Upside is a different kind of networking community. Every challenge I’ve presented to the group has been met with a no fluff, let’s get down to work spirit, and I’m off and running again.”

Kimberly Linson

Instructional Design Consultant


“Erin and the Upside gave me the push I needed to re-brand my independent consultancy into a full service brand. I was able to build the confidence to expand and am so glad I did!

Lori Tiernan

Marketing Consultant for Alternative Investment Funds


“Even though Upside members span all different industries, they’re the closest thing I really have to colleagues.

Clare Hackney

Real Estate Consultant


“Erin and her team are great to work with and give you actionable takeaways that will help to move your business forward. I highly recommend membership with The Upside!”

Mary Clavieres
Organizational Change Consultant and Founder of The Transitions Collective


“The connections I’ve made through The Upside–both to other members and to clients–have blown me away. I recently took on a personal and professional challenge moving from corporate to the consulting world and couldn’t have done with without the invaluable support from The Upside. I’ve learned so much from other members, and have used that knowledge to launch my consulting practice with confidence. What I love most about this tribe, is members are always cheering me on and sharing tools, resources and advice that cannot be found from a Google search! I can honestly say that the experience has been significantly more enjoyable and seamless than it would have been without this unique and high quality community.”

Danielle Yannotta
Marketing, Customer Engagement Consultant

Andrea Mullan


“Membership with The Upside has truly helped me level-up my boutique PR agency. Erin’s support and insight, as well as the camaraderie of my fellow members, has been a game-changer for me both personally and professionally. I highly recommend membership with The Upside for anyone seeking to elevate their business and reach their next level.”

Andrea Samacicia Mullan

CEO/Founder, Victory Public Relations


“The Upside is a strong resource for me as I am in the early stages of my business. I can connect with like-minded entrepreneurs (with a range of expertise) where we share resources, bounce ideas off each other and encourage each other. There are a lot of groups out there, I am thrilled I have landed here at The Upside where I am making meaningful connections and conversation and now have real opportunities. Erin is the ultimate connector and she keeps the flow moving in this community!”

Melissa Marra
Events and Marketing Consultant



“Erin Halper and The Upside community platform have given me a tremendous amount of insight on how to improve my business. In addition, being in a community among such smart successful women really gives me inspiration to want to succeed. The biggest plus is what The Upside offers. Not just a community but guidance and connections in all aspects of my business.”

Kristy Maslin
Founder and Co-owner, KK Creative Web Design


“As soon as I met Erin I knew whatever she touched would be special because she has that unique ability of really ‘seeing’ people and helping them understand their individual hang-ups and the barriers they may be imposing to their personal goals. Once I joined The Upside I was so thrilled to become a part of the circle she had created. Members are incredibly engaged and the feeling is both honest and supportive. The quality of the members and the connections I have made through the community are unique. I can tell Erin is committed to growing the community slowly, thoughtfully and with an eye on being sure all members are gaining, connecting and thriving. I am so grateful that I found Erin and this community as it is such a valuable resource for me both in my professional capacity and to feel supported as a woman in business.”

Wendy Heilbut

Partner & Founder of NYC office, Jayaram Law

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