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What Members Say about The Upside

“I’m really glad I took the step to invest in membership with The Upside. I learn something new from every session or call I join. It’s encouraging to be part of a community of professionals who are highly-skilled consultants and experts in their field, and I’m constantly encouraged to keep ‘upping my game’. In the short space of time I’ve been a member, I’ve gained some very tangible pieces of advice from Erin and other members that I’ve put into practice and got instant results. It’s no exaggeration to say that being a part of The Upside has made an immediate impact on my business!

Alison Coward
Team Culture Expert and founder of Bracket

BACKGROUND: Working with clients such as Google, Etsy, and Barclaycard | Guest Lecturer at Cambridge 

The Upside is the highest ROI organization I have been a part of for my business. Unlike other women’s professional networks, The Upside is squarely focused on driving sales and commercial execution – we trade high impact tips and tactical support to increase revenue and serve clients. The members are carefully curated and high quality and I can directly tie any minute spent with them to commercial outcomes – just wish I had joined earlier!

Liz Taxin Nemiroff

Private Equity Advisor

BACKGROUND: Harvard MBA | former GM at Thomson Reuters and S&P Global

“The powerhouse of brainpower, creativity, and kindness all in one place, makes the Upside an invaluable resource as a business owner and consultant. I have found immense value and enjoyment from being a member of this esteemed group of curated, like-minded professionals. From the multiple types of programming and content all delivering high ROI time and time and again, to the kindness of the other Upside members willing to brainstorm around any and all topics, to the energy surrounding a group of professionals looking to level up each and every day — the Upside is in a class of its own!

Randi Rosenblatt
Founder & CEO, Upward Stride

BACKGROUND: JD and MBA from Tulane | former VP at Bliss Lawyers

“The Upside gives me consistent and frequent guidance as well as access to well-connected and like-minded professionals. What stands out about The Upside is that it is a community specifically for consultants. With so many communities out there for business owners, it’s immensely valuable to have guidance and resources that are specific to the kind of business that I’m building. Also, every single member has the mentality of “offer/ask”—meaning that they provide as much value as they gain from the collective.

RM Harrison
Organizational Strategist 

BACKGROUND: General Assembly, AIGA, Young Hispanic Professionals Association, and Ellevate Network

Kristin Jekielek

“The Upside feels like the secret headquarters of superhero professionals I’ve always wanted access to. Every member is brilliant and focused on moving the needle in business and in life, with the core belief that we all go further together. After becoming a member, interacting with Upside members pushed me to level up my game, take more action, and create a business I love, all while building a network of spectacular, accomplished consultants where we all give and receive.” 

Kristin Jekielek

Video & SEO Strategist

BACKGROUND: Honors degree in astrophysics and 10 years at Comcast

Stacie Sussman

Before I learned about Erin Halper and The Upside, I was traveling around the country doing ad sales and struggling to find my purpose as a new mom. I knew if I wanted to expand my family, something would have to change. Finding Erin was like finding my fairy godmother! She provided me with actionable advice on how to take the leap out of corporate and into the entrepreneurial space. I personally had financial doubts about matching my corporate salary and being a business owner. However, Erin gave me the confidence to build something for myself and I haven’t looked back since. Because of Erin and The Upside, I’ve been able to build a niche consultancy firm that allows me to control my own schedule and even withstand a pandemic. If you’re on the fence about leaving corporate or you’re in your first year of building your practice, there is no one better than Erin Halper to give a pathway to success.”

Stacie Sussman
RevOps Expert

BACKGROUND: Director at DEFY Media, and Elite Daily

“The Upside is an amazing, supportive community with strong resources and networks to help you grow and thrive. Before joining The Upside, I wasn’t sure where to find the best resources around how to build my business, including marketing, operations, client services and business development. After just 3 months of membership, I’ve been able to land more clients, develop a streamlined service offering, raise my pricing and tighten my contracts. What I especially love about The Upside are the introductions to supportive individuals with a breadth of expertise to share, the high level of engagement, curated programming and the ability to truly get to know people on a deeper level, and not just feel like a small fish amongst millions of unknowns.

Neeta Shah
Fractional CFO

BACKGROUND: SVP at Citi, VP at Blackrock and executive at PWC

Mia Swikard

“After learning and implementing Erin’s proven strategies, I was able to land a 5-figure/month client right out of the gate. I was earning the same amount I did in my previous corporate job, but working half the hours and being in control of my own schedule! If you’re looking to make the jump from corporate to consulting, there is no better teacher, guide and cheerleader than Erin Halper from The Upside. I feel a weight of a lifetime lifted from my shoulders and I have never been more inspired and motivated as a businesswoman, mother and wife.”

Mia Swikard
Revenue Growth Strategist, Beauty & Retail

BACKGROUND: Westman Atelier, Elizabeth Arden, EVE LOM, L’Oreal, Dior, Philosophy, and COTY

The Upside is truly a gift. I have learned invaluable and tactical skills and best practices from the depth of the experience within the network, I’ve gained over 100 priceless close contacts to add to my circle of trusted professionals and advisors, and I’ve acquired several new client prospects and referrals. However, the best part is that Erin and this collective has given me the support and strength to believe in myself and take my business to the next level.

Erin Lopez
Retail & eCommerce Growth Consultant

BACKGROUND: Director at Becca Cosmetics and eCommerce Buyer at Sephora

“The moment I opened the application for The Upside, I knew this community would be different than other networking organizations I had joined in the past. Erin thoughtfully curates membership from best in class consultants across various disciplines. She is an expert connector of people and provides meaningful introductions to consultants whose skillsets are complimentary or may be able to help solve each other’s problems. Erin regularly shares opportunities for members to apply for speaking engagements, mentorship opportunities and engage with other professional communities. Her leadership has created an open and inclusive environment where consultants are able to share their wins, ask for help, and offer their expertise.”

Carrie Sporer
Sales, Merchandising and Operations Consultant for fashion and lifestyle brands

BACKGROUND: BA & BS from Penn | former VP at Edie Parker and  Director of Sales at Judith Leiber 

Being a member of The Upside means you are connected to an expert network of innovative thinkers that can advise you on the best practices across a vast number of industries. Because of the diversity of members, it also pushes you to generate more creative solutions that push your own business concepts. The supportive community gives you the confidence to take bigger risks with bigger pay offs.

Carol Pak-Teng, M.D.
Physician, Consultant and Leader in the Emergency Medicine Field

BACKGROUND: BA from NYU and residency at Mt. Sinai | Board Member, America Academy of Emergency Medicine

One of the things that really drove me to join the Upside was how motivational Erin is and how direct and effective her advice is. We all have been in groups that are motivational in their own ways but many times you need more. You need specifics and tangible action plans and that is where Erin steps in making it such a fulfilling and enriching opportunity to be a part of her sessions + interacting with the incredible individuals that surround her. Erin ignites all of the strengths of the diverse group of individuals who are a part of The Upside which in turn opens up enormous opportunities, growth, and success from everyone’s weekly interactions together.

Tennille Teague
Video Consultant and founder of JUST FRED

BACKGROUND: Sr. Content Producer at Young & Rubicam | Range Rover, NHL, Virgin Atlantic, and Dannon

The Upside is one of the best investments that I have made in myself and my consultancy. The Upside has opened up the door to several opportunities that have helped me acquire strong relationships with fellow consultants and elevated new business opportunities.”

Kadisha Phillips

Marketing Strategist and D&I Advocate

BACKGROUND: BA from Newhouse and digital producer at A+E, Nickelodeon and BuzzFeed

Kelly Lynn Adams

The Upside is the best kept secret. Not only is the community supportive, motivating and filled with high caliber individuals; it has opened the doors to several opportunities, invaluable advice, resources and relationships that have taken both myself and my business to the next level.

Kelly Lynn Adams
Leadership Coach & Speaker

BACKGROUND: Coaching leaders from global organizations such as World Economic Forum, Pinterest, Yelp, Nasdaq, and The New York Times

“Erin has been an invaluable mentor and resource in my life and career — and that sentiment has only grown stronger as a member of The Upside. The community has connected me to other likeminded, driven, and intelligent consultants, of all ages from a variety of industries, who I consider my virtual board of directors of sorts. I have gained priceless business optimization advice, countless client and partnership opportunities, and have grown more sophisticated as an entrepreneur.

Kara Ladd

Partnerships Consultant, Host and Writer

BACKGROUND: Former Partnerships Editor at Hearst

“I was so excited to be accepted into the Upside earlier this year – my expectations have been exceeded! The quality of its members and Erin’s curation of valuable conversations and assets have been so helpful to me, especially as I scale my business. I’m grateful to have this trusted community of impressive female entrepreneurs whom I can count on and be inspired by. Join the Upside if you’re looking to launch or level up your business or if you are seeking a genuine, impressive community of consultants that celebrates and supports each of its members.”

Stephanie Blair
Executive Coach & Strategic Advisor

BACKGROUND: Works with SaaS companies and Fortune 500’s through digital transformation | Former Global VP at eMarketer

For anyone launching or growing a consultancy, joining The Upside should be at top of their to-do list. Even with all of the knowledge and years of experience I brought into my consultancy business, I learned so much in the first few months of joining The Upside, including reworking my website and focusing service offerings. I am especially grateful to have a network of such strong, inspirational entrepreneurs to help make sense of the uncertain economic climate of 2020 and to forge a path forward. Erin has been doing an incredible job of leading everyone through these tough times.”

Hillary Cullum
Retail, Merchandising, Planning Consultant

BACKGROUND: Corporate executive from Amazon, Neiman Marcus, Pier 1 and KPMG

“In the short time I have been a member of The Upside, I have not only developed several elevator pitches but refined my offering and made meaningful connections with entrepreneurs whom I feel comfortable sharing the highs and lows that come with building a business. It’s helped me become comfortable being vulnerable and accelerated my start-up process.  Erin’s ability to hone in on your differentiators and call you out on areas that need to be addressed with lightning speed and accuracy are an invaluable asset to any business owner, but particularly helpful to someone just starting out.”

Jennifer Yousem
Owner & Managing Director at Supporting Strategies

BACKGROUND: Operational finance executive at companies such as Sony, Paramount, Clear Channel and  Daily Mail

“Guidance from Erin coupled with access to connect with some of the most talented and driven consultants in the business has enabled me to propel my consulting company’s growth. Prior to joining The Upside, I was working in a corporate environment, feeling overwhelmed as I wasn’t able to find the right professional and personal balance. After making the leap to consulting, The Upside’s network taught me how to refine my consulting focus & service offerings, convey my value, and close the deal. This year, I tripled my revenue by landing key clients that weren’t even on my radar prior to joining The Upside. The guidance, confidence, and continual motivation I’ve received from Erin and other Upside members has enabled me to grow a business where I finally have the flexibility to do what I love–where and when I want.”

Danielle Yannotta
Growth Marketing Strategist 

BACKGROUND: Adjunct Professor and Director at Toys ‘R’ Us

Micki Boas

As a marketing consultant for six years, it has been a bit lonely trying to find your way through the maze of pitching, proposals, and client work. That was until I found the Upside community of consultants who provided a wealth of ideas on how to navigate and thrive. I was able to refresh my outreach and bio, bring in new clients, set boundaries, simply through realizing my value and worth. I’m much more confident now in being a consultant. I wish I had this roadmap and insights when I began on this journey.

Micki Boas
Marketing Consultant & Author

BACKGROUND: Worked with world-class clients such as VaynerMedia, Microsoft, Virgin, TD Bank and United Nations

“Erin is redefining success beyond the 9-to-5 and in doing so, she has created an impressive, hand-picked community in The Upside. From day one, I have found The Upside to be a remarkable group of entrepreneurial consultants and advisors. I am thrilled that Erin invited me to join The Upside.”

Lori Sussle Bonanni
Communications Consultant 

BACKGROUND: Senior-level roles at world-class organizations including Verizon, World 50, NBCUniversal and DDB

The Upside has all the hallmarks of a great and supportive networking group and eco-system. I am meeting amazing consultants who have become partners, mentors, and potential customers. The time I put aside for the monthly community meeting is always incredibly valuable – I’ve got my notepad out jotting down all of the ideas I can implement right away. And, I appreciate getting the opportunities via Facebook and email. The group is stacked with other consultants that I trust and everyone is super supportive of each other. The Upside, led by consummate professional and leader Erin Halper, has been indispensable for my growth as a consultant and the Lady Engineer® brand. The monthly industry circles and masterminds are of utmost priority on my schedule; as a solopreneur this is where I find mentorship, advisors and a diverse brainstrust to help me through the grittiest of business problems.

Lindsay Tabas (aka The Lady Engineer)
Outsourced Co-Founder for Startups

BACKGROUND: Masters from UC Berkeley | worked with Fortune 500s like J&J, McKinsey, and Mastercard and dozens of VC-backed startups

Lauren Rosenthal

“The Upside is an incredible network of highly impressive, supportive, and motivating professionals who epitomize the saying ‘a rising tide lifts all ships.’  With Erin’s guidance and leadership, the hand-picked community works to elevate each and every member’s venture.  We are all doing such different things but there is also tremendous overlap. Having this group to tap into for advice, resources, and referrals has been invaluable.”

Lauren Rosenthal
Operations Advisor and Founder of Birdie

BACKGROUND: MBA from University of Michigan | Executive at Capital One, Hearst and Groupon

Katie Irving

After working as a solo consultant for nearly a year and finding it hard to create momentum, I gained immediate value by joining The Upside. Being in the company of professionals on a similar journey has provided the support and valuable information that has been crucial in taking my consultancy to the next level. Any time I’m stuck on a challenge, I have an experienced and supportive network to turn to for advice. Each connection I’ve made within this group has provided the chance for open and honest conversation about the journey of building a consultancy and I’ve gained a valuable network of peers, mentors and potential future customers.”

Katie Irving
Creative Strategy & Trend Consulting

BACKGROUND: Senior Director of Concept at Abercrombie & Fitch | Tahari, Chloe (in Paris) and Gilly Hicks

The Upside is the networking group I get the most value from BY A MILE. Since joining I’ve expanded my network with the right people, been connected to new opportunities and leveled-up how I charge for my value.”

Eliza Erskine
Sustainability and B Corp Expert

BACKGROUND: MA from Harvard, BBA from BU | 6+ years with Federated Investors, an investment pool valued at $76B

“I’m a member of several business communities, but the niche and quality that The Upside provides are truly unique. Their mantra of quality over quantity permeates every aspect of their community ecosystem. The other professionals I’ve connected with through The Upside are all there for the right reasons and are all supportive of one another’s businesses. I feel confident referring my clients to fellow members and I feel confident recommending membership to anyone looking to grow an independent consultancy or boutique agency.”

Erika Velazquez Alpern
Marketing & Partnerships Consultant

BACKGROUND: BFA from School of Visual Arts | Morning Brew, The Boston Globe, The New Republic and AOL

“Erin and the Upside gave me the push I needed to re-brand my independent consultancy into a full service brand. I was able to build the confidence to expand and am so glad I did!

Lori Tiernan
Marketing Consultant for Alternative Investment Funds

BACKGROUND: 8+ years consulting in financial services 

“Even though Upside members span all different industries, they’re the closest thing I really have to colleagues.

Clare Hackney
Real Estate Development Consultant

BACKGROUND: MS from NYU, BS from Johns Hopkins | The Clarett Group, CompassRock and CWCapital Asset Management

“Erin and her team are great to work with and give you actionable takeaways that will help to move your business forward. I highly recommend membership with The Upside!”

Mary Clavieres
Organizational Change Consultant and Founder of The Transitions Collective

BACKGROUND: NPR’s How I Built This Summit 2019 Fellow | 8+ years at Pfizer

Andrea Mullan

“Membership with The Upside has truly helped me level-up my boutique PR agency. Erin’s support and insight, as well as the camaraderie of my fellow members, has been a game-changer for me both personally and professionally. I highly recommend membership with The Upside for anyone seeking to elevate their business and reach their next level.”

Andrea Samacicia Mullan
CEO/Founder, Victory Public Relations

BACKGROUND: Launched in 2009 | worked with clients such as Nanit, Motherly and Borghese

Marcy Bloom

“The Upside has been a tremendous resource for me since I started my consultancy.  The regular programming offers constant networking to stay engaged with other professionals and learn about other industries. I’ve met incredibly smart people through The Upside!”

Marcy Bloom
Founder, The Brazen Corporation

BACKGROUND: President of Modern Luxury and VP at Conde Nast

“Erin Halper and The Upside community platform have given me a tremendous amount of insight on how to improve my business. In addition, being in a community among such smart successful entrepreneurs really gives me inspiration to want to succeed. The biggest plus is what The Upside offers. Not just a community but guidance and connections in all aspects of my business.”

Kristy Maslin
Founder and Co-owner, KK Creative Web Design
BACKGROUND: Video editor for TV commercials, ESPN documentaries and feature films

“As soon as I met Erin I knew whatever she touched would be special because she has that unique ability of really ‘seeing’ people and helping them understand their individual hang-ups and the barriers they may be imposing to their personal goals. Once I joined The Upside I was so thrilled to become a part of the circle she had created. Members are incredibly engaged and the feeling is both honest and supportive. The quality of the members and the connections I have made through the community are unique. I can tell Erin is committed to growing the community slowly, thoughtfully and with an eye on being sure all members are gaining, connecting and thriving. I am so grateful that I found Erin and this community as it is such a valuable resource for me both in my professional capacity and to feel supported as a woman in business.”

Wendy Heilbut
Partner & Founder of NYC office, Jayaram Law

BACKGROUND: Jones Day | member of 37 Angels

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