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Sometimes Less Leads to More

If you know me well, then you know that my approach to entrepreneurship is to create a business model that makes the most money with the least effort in the shortest time.

I am very anti-struggle. And what’s one of the easiest ways to reduce struggle?

Reduce the number of revenue streams and offerings in your business.

For example, I advised someone recently who was building a business that consisted of a community, group coaching program, corporate consulting and 1:1 advisory.

She was one person. And yes, she is more than capable of crushing all of these offerings because she’s brilliant and talented.

However, just because we can do it all doesn’t mean we should.

Each of these models requires different messaging.

Each of these models requires different marketing.

Each of these models targets a slightly different audience.

She was stretched thin and burning out…fast.

So, my advice was to pick 1 – 2 models and dive deep into those and only those. 

I said, “Which of these models feels most exciting? Which one lights you up? Which one doesn’t really feel like work, even though it is work?” 

She knew the answer immediately. 

Then I asked, “Which one feels like drudgery and the least aligned for you?” 

She knew that answer as well.

More isn’t always better. Even with my own business, I focus the vast majority of my time and efforts on our community instead of spreading myself across 1:1 advisory, courses and cohorts. 

For me, editing down to one main business model has meant:

Less stress

Fewer meetings

A shorter work week

Reduced overhead

Easier messaging


My life got much easier, the business became more enjoyable, and the bottom line grew bigger and bigger.

So, if you feel stretched thin, struggling or juggling too much…

…I hope you’ll consider editing down your offerings and going all in on what lights you up the most.

Erin Halper

About the Author

Erin Halper is the founder and CEO of The Upside and the leading authority on independent consulting. Since launching The Upside in 2017, Erin has helped thousands of professionals transition from corporate life into consulting to achieve flexibility, autonomy, and a renewed sense of purpose in their careers.

Erin has been a frequent speaker at Columbia, NYU, Harvard, and Brown and has been featured as a leading future of work expert on dozens of podcasts as well as in Forbes, Business Insider, Nasdaq, Crunchbase and many more.

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