Conquer Scaling Together.

A 6-month small group program exclusively for Upside members ready for their next stage in business.

The Experience

The Upside SCALE Think Tank is an advanced, highly focused group where you will take your thinking and your business to the next level. 

Inside SCALE, you’ll experience an elevated level of… 

  • Coaching
  • Counsel
  • Connection 
  • Community

Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. SCALE is designed to bring together Upside members who are ready to scale and want to work together with other dynamic thinkers and like-minded C.E.O.s, all within the intimate, curated container of The Upside. 

We’ve designed the group coaching framework in SCALE to bring you more accountability, higher-impact coaching and new thoughts and ideas that you may never have considered in a 1:1 coaching dynamic.

Defining "Scale"

Scale can take on many different shapes, sizes and meanings, including:

  • Rolling out more profitable offerings
  • Streamlining or refocusing offerings 
  • Productizing offerings
  • Creating scalable pricing
  • Standardizing repeatable processes
  • Building out the right team
  • Bringing on a co-founder
  • Franchising
  • Licensing
  • Raising capital
  • Setting up a business that’s sellable
  • Creating a legacy
  • Designing and implementing a clearer focus 
  • Putting you in the C.E.O. seat and out of executing deliverables
  • Freeing up your time while growing revenue
  • Getting off the hamster wheel
  • Stop trading time for money
  • and much more.

In SCALE, we’re going to work on customizing a plan for each of you to scale in the way that is best aligned with your personality and your vision. 

(and we’re going to work on that vision with you as well!)

Program Structure

Scaling starts with more clarity, a plan, and most of all, giving yourself permission to become the C.E.O. you want and need to be in order to get to that next level.

Your group will be led by Christina Langdon and Erin Halper, two highly-experienced advisors who understand the intricacies of scaling a services-based business.

Inside the program...

We will cover five foundational concepts to help you focus on areas that are most needed for scaling businesses of your size:

  • Vision & Goal-Setting 
  • The C.E.O. Mindset
  • Scale Foundations
  • Demand Generation
  • Marketing Audit & Execution

These concepts are what enable C.E.O.s to scale with more impact, joy and ease.  

With each concept, we will work through effective techniques to help you get results and impact from taking action, auditing, and adapting quickly.

Here’s a summary of how SCALE is structured:

Why the Group Structure?

What you needed when you launched your business (the elementary school years) is very different from what you need now (the high school years). 

You didn’t want to do it alone then, and I’m sure you don’t want to figure it out by yourself now. 

It’s why you love The Upside: Together is always better. 

In fact, the group dynamic is where the magic happens.

  • You become invested in each other’s success as they become your personal Board of Directors (and you theirs). 
  • As you listen to others in the group get coached, you will experience new thoughts and ideas that you may never have considered and now can incorporate sooner for faster results. With group coaching, the coaching hits you faster.  
  • You become more accountable to your goals because of your accountability to the group and to yourself within the group. 

After each group meeting, you will have more energy, and because of it, more time in your business to scale it… 

…because when you see other Upsiders work through the same problems you struggle with, you will get the results faster than going it alone. 

What You'll Gain

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Important Dates

(all times in EST; TBS = to be scheduled at a mutually convenient time)

March 5 - 60-min kickoff call: 12pm
March 12 - 90-min Content Session: 12pm

March 1:1 Peer Session: TBS
March Session with Erin/Christina: TBS

April 9 - 90-min Content Session: 12pm

April 1:1 Peer Session: TBS
April 1:1 with Erin/Christina: TBS

May 14 - 90-min Content Session: 12pm

May 1:1 Peer Session: TBS
May 1:1 with Erin/Christina: TBS

June 11 - 90-min Content Session: 12pm

June 1:1 Peer Session: TBS
June 1:1 with Erin/Christina: TBS

July 9 - 90-min Content Session: 12pm

July 1:1 Peer Session: TBS
July 1:1 with Erin/Christina: TBS

August 13 - 90-min Content Session: 12pm

August 1:1 Peer Session: TBS
August 1:1 with Erin/Christina: TBS

September 10 - 60-min Closing Session: 12pm

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Two-month payment plan for $4,000 each

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One-Time Payment of $8,000

Two-month payment plan for $4,000 each

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