The Upside

Our Story

The Upside was founded by Erin Halper in 2017 as a way to help solve the growing need for better, more flexible career opportunities for those who were no longer thriving in the traditional 9 – 5 corporate structure. 

The company began as a client-consultant matching platform, helping to bridge the gap between companies in need of expertise and consultants looking for quality clients. However, 18 months into the business, Erin had two game-changing realizations: (1) there wasn’t a huge demand for expensive consultants and (2) consultants were missing the essential skills needed for sustainable growth.

After taking two weeks off to rework the business model, The Upside relaunched in December 2018 as a community platform where top independent consultants join forces to advance their businesses.

Today, The Upside is the leading authority on independent consulting – sharing connections, resources and industry best practices within its private community, through its Accelerator program, across social media, in the press and on stages across the U.S.

Our Values

We believe that sharing stories, wins and learnings is key to lifting others up and closing pay gaps. 

We believe in building real relationships, with zero agenda. 

We believe in building quality relationships and targeting the right clients. That’s why our network is purposefully intimate. 

We believe that successful communities are built on the perfect balance of give and take. 

Being niche is our competitive advantage. 

We believe that steady growth results in the most sustainable, high-impact communities. 

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