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This Magic Formula is A Gamechanger

Erin Halper of The Upside

I’ve got a magic formula that will shift your entire perspective on growing your service-based business:

Skills + Knowing Your Worth = Massive Opportunities

Skills are super important for delivering high ROI to your clients, generating referrals and creating long-term client relationships. But “skills” alone are not enough to have a healthy consulting business. 

Knowing your worth is also critical to success. You can be amazing at executing the work with your sharp skills, but if you don’t have a grasp on the high value you provide clients, you not only leave massive amounts of money on the table, but you risk getting stuck in that dreaded feast or famine business cycle.   

Combining the two – skills and knowing your worth – is the perfect formula for creating the type of service-based consulting,  freelance or advisory business that generates consistent opportunities and affords you the coveted freedom of working when, where and how you want.

It’s also key to avoiding a scarcity mindset, something I’ve seen take down way too many consultancy businesses.

So next time you have a potential deal on the table, remember the magic formula: Skills + Knowing Your Worth = Massive Opportunities. 

It’s amazing what opportunities will come your way when you start knowing your worth.

(And don’t forget to add the tax!) 

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