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Your roadmap to landing more consulting clients (especially if you hate selling)

The Pricing Challenge

When you first get started as a consultant or advisor, determining your pricing can be a challenge.

And all the information you find online about pricing strategies seems to vary wildly from person to person.

…Leaving you to wonder, “Am I charging enough?”

The self-doubt and worry you experience from pricing uncertainty can start to impact your confidence, creeping into other areas of your business.

But here’s the truth…

There are high-ticket clients out there who are ready and willing to pay you what you’re worth. You just have to know how to ask.

Learning how the biggest pros in the industry price their services gives you a better understanding of what companies are willing to pay.

And applying these strategies to your own pricing will help you 2x, 5x, or even 10x your existing rates with confidence.

If you’re a consultant in any industry (from small businesses to Fortune 500s) and are ready to start charging what you’re worth, then this is the must-read guide.

What's the secret?

In this free guide, you'll gain access to the pricing secrets and strategies of today’s most successful consultants and advisors who work with clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500s.

With these strategies in hand (and guidance on how to apply them), you’ll be on your way to maximizing your prices and building a thriving business.

You'll discover:

Are you ready to confidently price your services?

Created by

Erin Halper

Hi, I’m Erin, founder and CEO of The Upside, an accelerator and curated community that helps consultants advance their business and thrive.

My mission is to help ambitious professionals achieve the freedom, flexibility, and work-life integration that come with consulting.

Since launching The Upside in 2017, I’ve advised more than 5,000 professionals on how to build a respected consultancy practice that generates consistent clients and affords them the freedom and flexibility that come with being your own boss.

And now, I’m sharing my secrets with you on how to confidently and accurately price your services so that you can build a consulting business that honors your needs, value, and experience.

It’s time to start charging what you’re worth.


Hear what a few Upside clients have to say:

“After learning and implementing Erin’s proven strategies, I was able to land a 5-figure/month client right out of the gate. I was earning the same amount I did in my previous corporate job, but working half the hours and being in control of my own schedule.”

Mia Swikard

Revenue Growth Strategist, Beauty & Retail

“This year, I tripled my revenue. The guidance, confidence, and continual motivation I’ve received from Erin have enabled me to grow a business where I finally have the flexibility to do what I love–where and when I want.”

Danielle Yannotta

Marketing, Customer Engagement Consultant

“I was able to bring in new clients and set boundaries, simply through realizing my value and worth. I’m much more confident now in being a consultant. I wish I had this roadmap and insights when I began on this journey.”

Micki Boas

Marketing Consultant & Author

“I personally had financial doubts about matching my corporate salary and being a business owner. However, Erin gave me the confidence to build something for myself and I haven’t looked back since.”

Stacie Sussman

Founder & CTO, SSR Digital Group

“Erin Halper is leading a powerful force within the consulting and solopreneurship realms…and with humility, transparency, kindness, unparalleled experience in the industry.” 

Carol Pak-Teng, M.D.

Consultant and Leader in the Emergency Medicine Field

“Erin Halper is an expert who has directly impacted my business growth.

Shonté Parrish

Founder of Le Dotted Line, Government Contract Consulting

“Erin is simply pro. She’s great at taking concepts in your head, distilling it clearly for you, and helping you position yourself in a way that will generate business.

Julie Tran

Leadership and D&I Consultant and Founder-CEO of Leading AF

“Erin has given me the support and strength to believe in myself and take my business to the next level.”​

Erin Lopez

Retail & eCommerce Growth Consultant

Independent consultant genius…and one of those ‘too good to be true’ humans.”

Gesche Haas

Founder & CEO, Dreamers & Doers

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