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The Know Your Worth Crash Course for Consultants

You'll be amazed at what opportunities come your way when you start knowing your worth.

The Know Your Worth Crash Course
will help you:

Elevate Your Market Value

Start attracting and closing higher-ticket clients

"I landed a 5-figure/month retainer client shortly after making changes in how I was positioning myself!"

Know Your Worth

Gain confidence in charging top-dollar for your services

"I immediately tripled my rates!"

Activate Your Network

Generate new clients using the network you already have

"I thought I had exhausted my network, but the referrals started to pour in!"

Profitable Boundaries

Implement client boundaries that free up your time

"I'll never go back to my old ways of doing business. I now have the time, energy and brainspace to focus on what I love!"

Created by The Upside: an award-winning community that propels consultants forward, fast.

What's inside the Know Your Worth Crash Course

Elevate Your Market Value
Video Lesson

You know your work is valuable. You know you’re highly accomplished. You know what you’re capable of. But how are you perceived by others, including your potential clients? This lesson will walk you through how to maximize how your value is perceived by others, including what clients are looking for on the surface and what qualities will have clients lining up to work with you and prepared to pay top dollar for your services.

High Value Offer

Know Your Worth
Video Lesson

You know you want to build a consultancy with premium rates that allow you to make more money in less time. But before you dive into pricing, it’s critical to understand how to calculate your value and worth. This lesson will shape your perspective on value and provide you with a much-needed foundation for confidence in charging top-dollar for your services.

Activate Your Network
Video Lesson + PDF Guide with Outreach Template

Before doing any cold outreach, you’ll want to first maximize your existing network to drum up quality clients. This lesson and the accompanying guide, Plant Seeds, Grow Clients, walks you through exactly how to do this in a way that isn’t at all salesy. Instead, you’ll learn how to plant seeds within your own network that grow into long-term, high-quality clients. 

conference room

Profitable Boundaries
Video Lesson

You got into this business for the flexibility and freedom it provides. But without boundaries, you can say goodbye to that coveted flexible lifestyle. This lesson walks you through when and where to draw the line with clients, and how to do it with professionalism, confidence and respect…and in a way that actually grows your business!

The course materials were taken directly from The Upside Accelerator, our popular program for consultants who are building thriving businesses.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Erin Halper.

After leaving a demanding private equity job, I started consulting and spent 7 years providing marketing expertise to my private equity, real estate investor and hedge fund clients. I made a high 6-figure income while having the flexibility to raise my two sons, maintain a strong marriage, and move homes twice.

Since launching The Upside in 2017, I’ve advised thousands of professionals on how to build a respected consultancy practice that generates consistent clients and affords them the freedom and flexibility that come with building something of your own.

The Upside has hundreds of members in its private community, and hundreds of graduates of its signature program, The Upside Accelerator for Consultants.

Now, in the Know Your Worth Crash Course, I’ve assembled my key learnings so that you can benefit from my 12+ years of experience helping consultants across all industries and backgrounds understand their worth and charge their full value.

Ready to learn my make-or-break strategies for building a successful consultancy? Dive in below…

Ready to charge your full value?

In the Know Your Worth Crash Course you will:


Limited time offer: $47

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In the same time it takes to watch a movie (and for less than the cost of the concessions!), you can learn to apply insider secrets that will impact you and your business for a lifetime.

This crash course was designed for consultants of all stages who realize they could be doing it better, whether that means charging more or working less (or a combination of both). 


You don’t need fluff, you need results. 


If you want to access the exact methods that 6 and 7-figure consultants use to build long-term, sustainable success in their business, then this crash course is for you.

Yes. We use the word “consultant” to describe this business model; however, there are many terms people use, including advisor, leadership coach, solopreneur, and even freelancer.


Each has their own slight nuances, but the foundations for success overlap significantly. 

If you want to learn how to charge your full value to land high-ticket business clients and stop hustling for small-time projects, then this crash course will work for you.

This crash course is specifically designed for professionals who left their 6-figure careers to launch their own consultancy business. Regardless of the sector (tech, fashion, finance, etc.), if you work with businesses as clients, this crash course will deliver.

If you’ve tried to launch a consultancy before and didn’t get the results you hoped for, chances are you were missing some of the foundational elements and proven, tactical strategies this crash course will provide.


If you’re committed to being your own boss and building a consultancy that works for your lifestyle, the knowledge that you’ll find within this crash course will prove invaluable.

Sorry, but this program is not designed for MLM consultants.


It was specifically created for consultants who work with businesses (from startups to Fortune 500s) as clients.

the time is now.

If you’re ready to stop playing small and start charging your full value, then this crash course is for you.

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