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Membership doors close December 15th, 2020.

A global community that propels consultants forward, fast.

Where consultants advance their business and thrive.

The Upside is the highest ROI organization I have been a part of for my business.


– Liz Taxin Nemiroff

Owner, Yellow Brick Advisors

What we do:



Your success depends on the strength and quality of your relationships.

Upside members gain a curated client referral network and high-impact collective of power players and market movers who support and advance each others’ business.



Think of us as your virtual board of advisors.

Whether you’re in year 1 or year 20 of your consultancy, we offer high-ROI collaboration, innovation, solutions-gathering and information-sharing that you won’t find anywhere else.



Hands-down, our members make more money in less time.

Upside programming includes advanced masterminds, industry roundtables, live office hours, and tactical speaker series that will propel your business forward, fast.

“The Upside is an incredible network of highly impressive, supportive, and motivating professionals who epitomize the saying ‘a rising tide lifts all ships.'”


– Lauren Rosenthal
Operations Advisor and Founder of Birdie

Our Members at a Glance

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Upside members are:
















Members span all major sectors including:
















Erin Halper

We believe in playing big.

So we created The Upside to help professionals redefine the 9-5 and build diverse, innovative and scalable consultancies that outpace their competitors.


Our philosophy is quality over quantity. Which is why we only accept a select number of members each quarter.

We screen all applications carefully and accept members based on:

If you want to advance your consultancy, unlock new opportunities, expand your network, make a meaningful impact, and reach even greater heights, then The Upside is for you. 

“This year, I tripled my revenue by landing key clients that weren’t even on my radar prior to joining The Upside.”


– Danielle Yannotta
Growth Strategist for parent, baby & kid brands

Why Join The Upside?


Join the collective designed for consultants, by consultants.

$567 per quarter

*$189 per month 

Membership renews quarterly.

Membership doors close December 15th, 2020.


Meet Our Founder

Hi, I’m Erin Halper.

My mission is to help ambitious professionals achieve the freedom, flexibility, and work-life integration that come with consulting.


I learned firsthand how important this is when I was pregnant with my first son and we received the news no parent ever wants to hear: There’s something wrong with the baby. (Don’t worry, he’s perfectly healthy now!)


At the time, I was in a very demanding private equity job, and I knew there was no way I could continue working full-time and manage his surgeries and doctor’s appointments. Something had to change.


I went on to build my consultancy and spent 7 years providing marketing expertise to my private equity, real estate investor and hedge fund clients, making a high 6-figure income while having the flexibility to manage my son’s health, have my second son, maintain a strong marriage, and move homes twice.


Since launching The Upside in 2017, I’ve advised thousands of professionals on how to build a respected consultancy practice that generates consistent clients and affords them the freedom and flexibility that come with being your own boss.


Are you next?


Join The Upside and see for yourself how we bring the right people together to advance one another in business.

“The Upside feels like the secret headquarters of superhero professionals I’ve always wanted access to.”


– Kristin Jekielek

Video Producer & Marketing Consultant

The Upside Membership Includes:

    designed specifically for consultants, by consultants, to seek advice, connect with members and advance your business.
    from our exclusive library, including pricing structures, extracting your value, growing your client pipeline and more.
    and the opportunity to build a client referral network and access high-quality, member-generated referrals.
    that position you as an expert: such as podcast features, speaking engagements and Ivy-league mentorship positions.
    like templates and office hours from Upside peers to help accelerate your business.
    to VAs, interns, and other resources to save you time and money.
    such as Zoom and Canva, that we pay for, so you don’t have to.
    with 100+ high-quality, ambitious consultants and experts who support and advance your business.
  • Monthly Upside Masterminds (includes a separate Mastermind for our Advanced members) for rapid-fire, interactive peer advisory
  • Monthly knowledge sessions to sharpen your skills
  • Monthly industry roundtables to equip you with trend-forecasting and resources specific to your sector
  • Weekly live office hours with Erin Halper
  • Access to all archived recorded events and any post-event files and PDFs

Ready to play big?

$567 per quarter

*$189 per month 

Membership renews quarterly.

Membership doors close December 15th, 2020.

“The Upside has opened up the door to several opportunities that have helped me acquire strong relationships with fellow consultants and elevated new business opportunities.”


– Kadisha Phillips
Marketing Strategist and D&I Advocate

What Sets The Upside Apart?

You won’t find a community quite like The Upside anywhere else, and here’s why:

  • Upside programming is designed to help our members double or triple their previous full-time earnings. Our high-caliber tools and programming are not widely-found on Google or in any general business community.
  • We focus on quality over quantity. We aren’t a venture-backed organization that needs to scale big, fast. We have the luxury of growing our community based on quality members who are here for the right reasons.
  • We respect your busy schedule. Which is why we’ve developed high-impact programming that facilitates connections, sharpens your skills and advances your business, fast.
  • This is not a client matching platform. Being able to generate your own premium, consistent clients is what separates Upside consultants from hand-to-mouth freelancers.
  • Our secret sauce lies in bringing the right people together. You won’t find any other group of consultants as diverse, high-caliber and cohesive as The Upside.
  • Our members are our biggest assets and Upside evangelists. Check out what they have to say here.

“I have gained priceless business optimization advice, countless client and partnership opportunities, and have grown more sophisticated as an entrepreneur.”

– Kara Ladd
Growth Advisor for Impact-Driven Brands

Next Steps



Members are accepted on a quarterly basis and applications open and close at the beginning and end of every calendar quarter.


Application Review

After you submit your application and payment details, you’ll be directed to a calendar link to set up a call with a member of The Upside. We can’t wait to get to know you better and determine if there’s a mutual fit.



Once accepted into The Upside’s quarterly cycle, you will have access to our robust Membership Directory, programming, and our two private Facebook groups where all of our main conversations, events and announcements take place. You’ll be able to instantly connect with other members and access our proprietary tools.


100% of Upside members say that the value of membership met or exceeded their expectations. Additionally, the longer members stay in The Upside, the more value, results and ROI they gain.
Real-life examples of Upside membership results include:
  • Within 12 months of joining The Upside, one of our members landed a 6-figure client from a relationship she made in The Upside.


  • Instead of paying a lawyer hundreds of dollars an hour for their time, one of our members accessed contracts and templates provided by fellow members, saving her thousands of dollars in lawyer fees.
  • One of our members received time-sensitive feedback that saved her upwards of $10,000 by avoiding a potential mistake.
  • One of our members received advisory from Erin Halper and her fellow Upsiders that led to closing one of her largest clients to date, and doubling what she earned in her previous full-time role.
  • One of our members took advantage of an Upside-exclusive podcast feature which positioned her as an expert and led to a 5-figure/month retainer client.
  • Members have became friends beyond The Upside, partnering on clients and holding one another accountable through weekly accountability meetings.
Upside members agree: the cost of an Upside membership more than pays for itself quarter after quarter!
We know from experience that members gain the most the longer they are in The Upside. One month of membership does not give an accurate snapshot of what a member can gain from a quarter or even an entire year of membership.

We want members who are committed to membership, and who are ready to learn, share and gain for the long-term.
We strive to maintain the perfect balance between being a curated collective and an inclusive, warm community.
We look for:


  • Professionals who are operating or scaling an independent consultancy or B2B business
  • Consultants, advisors, speakers, workshop leaders…if you have a B2B offering in your business, you are most likely a fit!
  • Some of our members are consultants AND developing a B2C offering. That works too!
In the case where we have more applicants than open spots, we will prioritize those who have been referred in by our existing members.


Know an Upside member? Make sure to include their name in the application where we ask how you heard about The Upside!
  • Because all of our members work with businesses or executives as end clients, our membership is not the right format for real estate agents, side hustlers, network marketers or health/life coaches.
  • If your target audience is our members, The Upside is not the right fit. Upside members do not solicit other members and do not use The Upside as their personal client funnel.
  • If you are not fully supportive of closing the gender pay gap and you are not passionate about diversity and equal opportunities for all, then we are not the right fit for you.
The Upside leverages Facebook’s community technology for all of our communication and conversations.


Our virtual programming includes:
  • Private Facebook forum for continuous conversation and for receiving quick feedback on your business questions
  • Weekly live office hours with Erin Halper via video chat
  • Monthly industry cohorts for knowledge-sharing and trend forecasting
  • Monthly learning sessions to generate premium, consistent clients
  • Quarterly masterminds for peer advisory
  • …and more!
Why Facebook?
  • Because unlike Slack, LinkedIn or Google Groups, Facebook is the leader when it comes to private communities and groups.
  • Because just about everyone is on it, eliminating the need for members to download a separate app or learn a new technology.
  • Facebook makes it easy for everyone to frequently participate in the group, see who they know in common, and connect as friends outside of the community.
  • Facebook makes it simple to create searchable tags on each post for finding answers quickly and easily.
If you can invest only 1 hour per week, you can benefit from ALL of our high-impact programming like masterminds, industry cohorts, and expert learning sessions.

If you can invest an extra 30 minutes each week, you can benefit from a 1:1 member connection call to expand and deepen your network.

If you can invest a little more time, you can use our private forum to receive answers to your most pressing questions, attend live office hours, access our library of high-impact learning sessions and much, much more!

No doubt, the more you engage, the quicker you will advance. But even members who can only commit to an hour per week will tell you that the value they receive from that tiny time commitment has exceeded their wildest expectations.

“Membership with The Upside has truly helped me level-up my boutique PR agency. I highly recommend membership with The Upside for anyone seeking to elevate their business and reach their next level.”


– Andrea Samacicia Mullan
Publicist and Founder of Victory PR

There has never been a better time to invest in yourself and your business.

$567 per quarter

*$189 per month 

Membership renews quarterly.

Membership doors close December 15th, 2020.

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