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How to Prevent Client Ghosting

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Last month, Upside member and sales expert Allison Davis hosted an Upside Expert Session all about ghosting. This ended up being one of our most talked-about Upside Expert Sessions because no matter how good you are or how long you’ve been in business…

Every single consultant deals with ghosting.

The good news is, there are proven strategies for reducing how often you’re ghosted.

So, I asked Allison if I could share some of her tips with you, our newsletter subscribers, so that you can also benefit from her game-changing advice.  (Lucky for you she said YES!)

Here are some of my favorite highlights from Allison’s Upside Expert Session:

Why do you get ghosted?

  • You may not have asked enough questions (or the right questions) during the discovery stage to understand the client’s true problem and need.
  • Your point of contact isn’t the final decision maker.
  • There are internal hurdles the client needs to overcome before they can sign with you.
  • The need isn’t urgent.
  • The client is busy and overwhelmed with other, more pressing tasks.
  • They don’t plan to move forward with you but they are too ashamed to tell you after all the time and effort you put into the proposal process. They feel like they’ve led you on.

How can you prevent ghosting from happening in the future?

  • Be on the “same team” as your prospect to help get the deal over the goal line.
  • Learn more about the client’s process for getting the deal signed. What needs to happen on their end?
  • Ask specific questions that get to the root of what problem the client needs you to solve and why they are bringing you in to help solve it.
  • Discuss pricing (ranges are fine) while you have them on the call so you can immediately address any pushback or concerns before putting in time and effort for a proposal.
  • Walk the client through your proposal on a separate call. Don’t just send it via email and wait for a response.
  • Follow-up, follow-up and follow-up again.
  • Don’t assume anything!

I hope these quick tips help reduce your ghosting rate in 2023. And if you’re thinking, “I could really use a deeper dive on this topic and the bullet points listed above…”

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To reducing ghosting and leveling up your business in 2023!

Erin Halper

About the Author

Erin Halper is the founder and CEO of The Upside and the leading authority on independent consulting. Since launching The Upside in 2017, Erin has helped thousands of professionals transition from corporate life into consulting to achieve flexibility, autonomy, and a renewed sense of purpose in their careers.

Erin has been a frequent speaker at Columbia, NYU, Harvard, and Brown and has been featured as a leading future of work expert on dozens of podcasts as well as in Forbes, Business Insider, Nasdaq, Crunchbase and many more.

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