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Here’s How to Sell the Result, Not the Task.

Here’s something I know for certain to be true: 

Most clients have no clue what they actually need.

(And I do mean that in a “bless their heart” kind of way)

That’s why it’s your job as a consultant to ask the questions that get to the heart of what the client really needs.

Doing this will:

⤷ Demonstrate your authority.
⤷ Communicate your value.
⤷ Align expectations.
⤷ Build trust.

If a client says:

“We’re coming to you because we need new branding.”


Why do you need new branding? And why now?”

Keep asking “Why” until you get to one of the 4 Pillars of Value™.

The 4 Pillars of Value™ is one of the signature frameworks that I came up with many years ago after realizing that clients only come to consultants when they’re seeking one or more of these four results:

  1. Revenue growth.
  2. Cost cutting.
  3. Access to something you have that they want (like relationships or a book of business).
  4. Removing a roadblock that’s inhibiting growth.

Revenue, Costs, Access, Roadblocks.

These are the 4 Pillars of Value™.

And until a client tells you that one or more of these results is what they need your help to achieve…

…you know you haven’t peeled off enough layers yet.

If you want to close more deals, always remember this:

Sell the results, not the task.

Erin Halper

About the Author

Erin Halper is the founder and CEO of The Upside and the leading authority on independent consulting. Since launching The Upside in 2017, Erin has helped thousands of professionals transition from corporate life into consulting to achieve flexibility, autonomy, and a renewed sense of purpose in their careers.

Erin has been a frequent speaker at Columbia, NYU, Harvard, and Brown and has been featured as a leading future of work expert on dozens of podcasts as well as in Forbes, Business Insider, Nasdaq, Crunchbase and many more.

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