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Are you ready to launch, build or scale your consultancy and advance forward quickly?

Erin Halper

You know you should be showing up every single day with more confidence and conviction in your consultancy business.


But you’re feeling all over the place in your strategy, and have been receiving advice from other consultants and (eek!) Google, trying to piece together some sort of action plan and move you closer to your goals.


There are hundreds of mistakes I see when people try to launch, build or scale a consultancy practice, causing them to leave money on the table, miss out on huge client opportunities, hustle hard for once-and-done clients, and burn out.


I know you want the flexibility, autonomy and sense of purpose that come with being your own boss. And after working with hundreds of students just like you, I also know that it’s well within your reach. 


Don’t get burned out trying to do it all on your own!


In just a few short hours or less, you can walk away with a custom plan of action that will have clients lining up at your door, willing to pay your highest rates.

Imagine how it would feel...

Can you imagine how it would feel to wake up one day with a full pipeline of premium, consistent clients and the luxury of being able to choose the projects that light you up? 


What if you…

Introducing One-on-One Advisory with Erin Halper

A private, personalized plan to squash pesky obstacles, maximize your value and propel your consultancy forward, fast.

Here's how Erin is Different

Unlike others in this space, Erin’s knowledge spans way beyond sales tactics for getting clients.


Erin’s combination of on-the-ground experience as a consultant for 7 years, paired with her high-level market insights and expertise as the founder of The Upside, gives her the ability to provide a custom, holistic plan to propel you forward, fast.

Work 1:1 with Erin Halper to access her proven strategies on building a consultancy business that has clients lining up to work with you (and willing to pay your top rates).

Here's what you gain when working directly with Erin

Are you ready to 2x, 3x or even 5x your consulting revenue and spend more time billing clients and less time hustling for clients?

Select Your Package:

60-Minute Single Strategy Session 

3-Session Off To The Races Package

"I can't wait to advance your consultancy and watch you soar."

Launching and building a consultancy business literally changed my life. 

I’ve experienced first-hand what it feels like transforming from a rigid, corporate career to being the owner of a thriving consulting practice that provides flexibility, control and a sense of purpose to your work.  

And I want you to have that lifestyle as well.

If you’re a corporate warrior looking to launch a consultancy, early-stage consultant looking for direction, or experienced consultant looking to scale, you owe it to yourself to build your business the right way, and with the right strategies in place. 

When you work 1:1 with me, I share my 7+ years experience as a successful independent consultant where I earned a hefty 6-figure income, while making my own schedule, and raising my family. 

Plus you’ll access my extensive knowledge and broad oversight of the consulting market as the CEO of The Upside. I know what clients are looking for, where people receive the most yes’s, what consultants are charging, and of course how to avoid common mistakes.

Providing you with high ROI and exceeding your expectations are my highest priority.

I look forward to meeting you personally for a 1:1 session!

Is One-on-One Advisory for you?

There has never been a better time to be an independent consultant.

If you’ve made it this far, then you already know this!

Imagine if during your 1:1 session…

You have questions, we have answers.

Erin’s 1:1 consultants have gone on to close their largest clients–many of them in the six figures–after working with her. A few hours with Erin can be the difference in 2x, 3x or even 5x your consulting revenue. If you’re excited at the idea of being your own boss, don’t skimp on investing a few hours in making sure you have the proper business plan in place so you can reach your goals, faster.

Erin works with professionals who are still in their corporate jobs, all the way to consultants who are ready to scale their business into the 7-figures. There is no level too early or too late for leveling up.

I know you want to get your ducks in a row before embarking on 1:1 advisory, but the earlier you engage, the quicker you’ll move forward.

This is not just coaching and cheerleading. This is advisory where you’ll walk away with custom tools and strategies to propel you forward in a short amount of time.
If you are stuck on one main challenge, sign up for one session. If you have a lot on your mind and want to walk away with a complete business plan and action steps to advance your business quickly, book a set of three.
Consultant, solopreneur, executive coach, freelancer–whatever you call yourself, if you worked in a corporate job and are launching, building or scaling your own business, then Erin is the right person who can take you to the next level.

Ready to get started? Select your package below:

60-Minute Single Strategy Session 

3-Session Off To The Races Package

Read what people are saying about Erin:

"After learning and implementing Erin's proven strategies, I was able to land a 5-figure/month client right out of the gate. I was earning the same amount I did in my previous corporate job, but working half the hours and being in control of my own schedule! If you're looking to make the jump from corporate to consulting, there is no better teacher, guide and cheerleader than Erin Halper from The Upside. I feel a weight of a lifetime lifted from my shoulders and I have never been more inspired and motivated as a businesswoman, mother and wife."

Mia Swikard | Revenue Growth Strategist, Beauty & Retail

Erin is a true expert in her field and delivers direct, results-focused advice. During our 1:1 coaching call, Erin helped me create clear, impactful brand messaging that has amplified my value and how I am communicating with customers. I feel more confident about my marketing and have seen an increase in client engagement as a result.

Rebecca Ryan | Visual Branding Expert and Founder of Serving Up Social

Independent consultant genius: I’ve rarely come across anyone as knowledgeable in her field as Erin, and as dedicated as her to share her hard-earned wisdom with the world. If you consult or freelance and are determined to take your business to the next level through no BS knowledge and a powerful network, she’s the hands-down the best person to know. She’s one of these “too good to be true humans”. Wickedly smart, savvy, experienced, kind and sassy. She’ll be your biggest cheerleader who you can equally rely on for life-changing constructive feedback.

Gesche Haas | Founder & CEO, Dreamers & Doers

As soon as I met Erin I knew whatever she touched would be special because she has that unique ability of really 'seeing' people and helping them understand their individual hang-ups and the barriers they may be imposing to their personal goals.

Wendy Heilbut | Partner & Founder of NYC office, Jayaram Law

Entrepreneurs hit walls frequently, in fact, I would argue it's something we do every day. After 3 years, I needed an assertive push to mature our business model, evolve our services alongside our clients, and unravel our story. I scheduled 3 short sprint sessions where we dived into aspects of the business. But what made this experience vastly different than other engagements I've had in the past, was the uncut version of feedback, the bulleted list of to-dos, and how I could tell Erin was invested to help me succeed.

Sarah Sharif | Innovation Consultant

Erin is efficient, effective and savvy. In one conversation, she was able to extract the right information and go on to assimilate that into a cohesive LinkedIn overhaul with minimal back and fourth. Since then, my LinkedIn account has more than doubled in connections and drives traffic passively. Erin is a true professional and a delight to work with!

Michele Racioppi | Sales & Training Consultant focused on Skincare and CBD

Work One-on-One with Erin

60-Minute Single Strategy Session 

3-Session Off To The Races Package


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