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Authenticity and Success with Upside Member Carol Pak-Teng, MD

On our new The Upside of Work Linked Live video interview series, Upside founder Erin Halper challenges her guests to reveal the big shifts that led them to uncovering the work they love.

Watch and you’ll walk away with a new sense of inspiration and motivation for redefining what work looks like for you and your future.

In this interview, Upside member, emergency physician, entrepreneur, speaker, wife and mom Carol Pak-Teng, MD shared how authenticity leads to huge success. Carol gets very real here, watch the interview!

Something Carol said that really struck me was: “the reason we talk about wellness so much is so many people are really unwell.” Carol has worked specifically to address the hidden scourge of physician unwellness, depression and suicide. This is personal for Carol, who discussed how she has gone through two major depressive episodes during her career. She has gotten to the other side, and is now thriving.

Carol was approached by The New York Post to share her story in an article about how burnout was driving physicians to depression and suicide. Although it was scary for her to go on the record this way, she felt a duty to spread the word about the prevalence of physician depression, to help others going through it know they are not alone.

Sharing about her depression in a major newspaper was the scariest decision of Carol’s life – and yet it has led her to the most success to date, including serving on international boards. Every success she’s encountered after that article, she credits to having been willing to show and share her true self, to be vulnerable, brave, and authentic.

Thanks so much Carol – you inspire us and so many others who want to build their platform by truthfully owning both their challenges and successes! Here’s more about our featured Upside member:

Carol Pak-Teng, MD FAAEM is an award-winning Emergency Physician and Founder and CEO of APA EMerge. Her focus is to eliminate the leadership gap of Asian American physicians through a pipeline to leadership and entrepreneurship platform to accelerate careers. Her other work is in launching women’s advocacy, community based policy change, and physician suicide prevention strategy events. She is the one of the youngest elected Board Members of the American Academy of Emergency Physicians. She has built multiple communities of women leaders, raised capital for emerging organizations, and been acknowledged nationally for her work by the Academy for Women in Academic Emergency Medicine as the 2015 Outstanding Resident at Mt. Sinai St.Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital. She has also received accolades for her work in Political Psychology and Asian American Studies at NYU. She sits on the Board of Trustees for NJ SEEDs and the Board of Directors of Speak Up Summit, a community advisory to the Board of Education. Connect with her on LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter.

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