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Here Are 3 Magic Questions That Will Help You Close More Clients, Instantly

When I first started The Upside back in 2017, we were not a community or an accelerator.

In fact, we were a matching platform bringing together consultants and companies.

So why did I change the model after 18 months?

Because I kept seeing consultants make the same mistakes over and over again when prospecting the clients I was matching them with.

And I realized that everyone’s biggest pain point was not finding great clients, but rather knowing how to prospect and close great clients.

So I started training them with the following advice on how to increase their client close rates…. and it worked:

First, go into the meeting with the right perspective. You are not there to interview for a position. And you are not there to pitch. You’re there to prospect with a conversation to uncover if there is a mutual fit for working together.

Second, understand that you, not the client, are in control of the meeting. You ask the questions. You drive the boat. This shows confidence, prestige and professionalism.

Finally, ask the right questions to uncover the client’s true problem and reveal the value (not budget) they place on that problem. For example:

1. Tell me why you agreed to meet with me today? -or- Tell me why you asked to meet with me today?

This open-ended question lets the client start to reveal their pain points in their own words, enabling you to learn the language this client speaks. Then you continue asking questions that peel back the onion layers and reveal their true end-goals.

2. What do you stand to gain by achieving [goals discussed]? -or- What do you stand to lose if you don’t solve [insert problem]?

This starts the conversation about the value the client places on the problem or goals. Are they looking to save $10 million this year? Are they looking to grow their revenue by $10 million this year? What is the dollar amount they place on the problem or goal?

3. How soon do you need to start tackling this [problem/goals discussed]?

This question allows you to pace your follow-ups to avoid that awful feeling of being ghosted.

If they say, “Yesterday,” then you know they are prepared to sign a contract quickly.

If they are unsure or start talking about the next 6 months, you know that this isn’t a here and now client. You can follow up with: “Why isn’t this [problem discussed] an immediate priority?” to get even more perspective on their situation.

Try this strategy the next time you have a prospective client meeting and email me with your stories and feedback!

My prediction is that this shift in perspective plus these three magic questions will be an immediate game-changer for your future prospecting.

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